OpenWater does not yet have a feature where you have a table of items and you can add another item and just keep on going. We do, however, have a workaround that does the job pretty well.

To get started, open up your OpenWater form builder, and add some fields that will be your first item. In our small example, we'll do Presenter First Name, Presenter Last Name, Presenter Email

Now we to allow the applicant to add another presenter. To do this, choose a Radio Field and make the question label, "Do you want to add another presenter?" Make the field values Yes and No.

Using the Radio Field's dependent field feature, click the 'link' icon under the Yes value.

Then do it all again!

Chain these 'Do you want to add another ...' questions together as many times as necessary.

Pro Tip!

Adding all these fields again and again is tiresome and time consuming. We have a great feature that will save you tons of time by creating a form field template.

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