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OpenWater premium theme examples

Explanation of our premium theme

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If our default theme is too plain for you and you also do not wish to have a matched look and feel done for your program, you can choose to move forward with Premium Theme.

The premium theme is a great approach for programs that want to build a specific brand around their awards program. 

The premium theme is an add-on service provided by our consultants. Talk to your support representative if you are interested in pursuing a premium theme option.


The following are some examples of our premium theme in use:

How It Works

You will work with an OpenWater consultant who will show you several different templates we have available. You can choose one of the templates to work with which will contain a checklist of items we need you to provide, like banners, images, and other content.

Once you have provided us all of the necessary content, our team will build out the theme for you and then show you how to make updates.

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