Short Answer
If you run a single event through OpenWater with under 10 concurrent sessions there is no additional cost to use Zoom. We cover the basic business license for the 30 days leading up to your event. This provides 10 concurrent meeting rooms for up to 300 people each.

This is a $200 fee that OpenWater includes in its pricing. If you run additional events beyond the 30 day license, you can estimate another $200 in Zoom fees per small/medium event.

Longer Answer

For conferences with more than 10 concurrent sessions, those that need smaller breaks, or those that need to make use of Zoom Webinars we have put together a simple price calculator:

Zoom Licenses its Meeting and Webinar products in 30 day increments. Using OpenWater you can set your needs in advance of your meeting and then Activate licenses 30 days prior to the last day of your event.

OpenWater will charge you for your Zoom Costs, automatically provision the licenses for your use and then de-provision them.

The typical cost for a meeting is $200 for 30 days worth of meeting rooms. This provides you the ability to run 10 concurrent sessions with up to 300 people in them.

To maximize your license costs, we recommend 30 minutes break between concurrent sessions.

This means you can run a 1.5 hour time slot with 10 concurrent sessions; each with 300 people, have a 30 minute break, and run another 10 concurrent sessions without having conflict for the meeting room usage.

Zoom offers many other sizes and options, but we found our price calculator to be helpful for most of our customer's needs.

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