Zoom supports closed captioning using Human translators or via automation.

Using Human Translators

Closed captioning is a setting that can be activated to any zoom meeting room or webinar room. Please review the Zoom documentation for an overview of this feature.

Using Automation

Rev.com offers an automated Zoom Closed Captioning Service. When using OpenWater managed Zoom licenses we can purchase and configure the captioning services for you at a nominal charge ($25 per room + $250 one time initial setup). For captioning to be used Live Support is required during your event.

If you are not using OpenWater managed Zoom licenses you must purchase and add Rev.com to the same Zoom account you provided OpenWater during your setup. Rev.com charges $20 per meeting room or webinar room for up to 80 hours of captioning per month.

OpenWater is not an official Rev.com partner however we can help with the configuration and setup.

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