Check out OpenWater Status Page and Zoom Status Page and you will see uptime stats that exceed 99.995%. This means the combined platforms have less than 2 minutes of downtime per month on average.

Both OpenWater and Zoom are built on high availability platforms. Having said that downtime is a real possibility. Typically downtime is caused by widespread internet events more so than an action on part of OpenWater or Zoom.

As event insurance does not yet cover internet outages, OpenWater has provided an Extended Service Level agreement to all customers during their live event.

Contingency Policy for Normal Internet Websites
If there is an outage that lasts a few minutes or few hours, the best thing to do is to tell people to come back later. If it is a deadline day for an application you can always extend the deadline.

Live Events
The normal contingency policy of just coming back is not good enough. Just like a live event so many people have coordinated to be at the same place at the same time and it is costly to reschedule.

OpenWater's master services agreement specifies our specific policy but in short we offer no-charge plans to reschedule your entire day's events, including any consulting services you have paid for through OpenWater.

We also offer technology fee refunds if you choose not to reschedule your event that far exceed the industry standard (10% refund per hour of outage).

Virtual Event Insurance

If you are looking for additional coverage Virtual Event Insurance is available. OpenWater does not endorse any particular event insurance, however we know some of our customers use ShowStoppers

Here are common questions on event insurance that require answers:

  • Does all Critical Equipment have backup power: Yes

  • Have satisfactory test transmissions been completed: Yes

  • Has there been successful receipt of test transmissions: Yes

  • Are they required to do so before the actual transmission: Yes

  • What back up of key critical equipment is there: We are hosting our event on the OpenWater platform which has a 99.99% uptime. OpenWater provides at least 2 servers in geographically diverse areas to host our event.

  • Have those responsible for the virtual event transmission transmitted from the Location Before: Yes

  • How Many Times: At least 3 times per week

  • Have there ever been any problems: Yes, but not exceeding 20 minutes in any individual calendar day over the past 365 days (See for updates)

  • Will any experimental technology be used: No

  • Please confirm which methods of signal transmission are used: Internet

  • Please confirm what methods of bakcup transmission are there: Internet via personal hot spot

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