Navigate to System Settings > Permissions to manage additional admin accounts.

Permissions are broken into two sections "Can perform the following actions" and "Default Per Program Permissions".

Can perform the following actions

These permissions control the system level access an admin has in OpenWater.



Manage System Configuration

  • The Dashboard, see an overview of all active programs but cannot access them.

  • Public Settings, create and update the Public Website and the Language Configuration (if multi-language is enabled).

  • System Settings, manage everything besides Permissions and Payment Configuration under this menu item from Organization Information to General Tutorial.

  • System Logs, access and search though all logs including Email, Payment Gateway Activity, SSO Activity and Stuck Payments.

  • License / Billing, view License and Usage along with API Logs.

Can Manage Programs

  • Grants basic access to all programs from the left menu Program link and from the Dashboard.

  • Basic access includes: Viewing the Overview page of every program and viewing the Program Settings > Overview page of every program.

  • Required to Create, Restore and Duplicate programs.

Manage Backend Users

  • Grants access to System Settings > Permissions allowing the admin to view and edit new and existing admins.

Add Sub Organizations

  • Grants access to managing Roll Up settings, if they're enabled for your account.

Process Invoice Payments

  • Grants access to Finance > Invoices in every program allowing the admin to search for and view invoices along with processing payments using any enabled payment configuration.

  • Does not allow the admin to view entries associated with an invoice.

Process Invoice Adjustments / Refunds

  • Requires Process Invoice Payments to be enabled.

  • Adds Process Refunds, Make Adjustments and Recalculate buttons when viewing the Accounting tab of an Invoice.

Manage Public Themes

  • Allows access to Public Settings > Themes.

  • Admin can view, create, update and set a certain theme as a default.

  • Most clients request OpenWater create a Matched Look & Feel that gets created as a Theme.

Manage Payment Configurations

  • Allows access to System Settings > Payment Configuration.

  • Admin can view, create, update and set a certain configuration as a default.

Manage Mobile Event Apps

Manage Public Users (Applicants, Judges)

  • Requires Manage System Configuration to be enabled.

  • Allows access to the left menu Applicants and Judges items.

  • Admin can search for, view and update applicant and judge accounts along with pulling custom reports of each.

  • Allows admin to add and remove Judges from their assigned programs.

  • Allows admin to add submissions on behalf of Applicants to their assigned programs.

Use Import / Export

  • Requires Manage System Configuration, Can Manage Programs, Manage Public Users (Applicants, Judges) and Use Import / Export to be enabled.

  • Allows admin to use Applicants > Import and Judges > Import to import applicants and judges into the platform.

  • Program Managers can use Program Settings > Overview > Import Applications without having the Use Import / Export permission.

Access System Logs

  • Allows access to the left menu System Logs section.

  • Admin can search and view Payment Gateway, Single Sign On and System Activity logs.

Default Per Program Permissions Manage Configuration

When added to a program as a manager, the following permissions will be enabled by default. These settings can overridden at the program level to apply to specific programs.



Manage Configuration

  • Allows access to all program settings including Tools > Email Wizard and everything under the Round Settings menu.

  • Automatically applies "Manage Round Dates" and "View Applications" permissions.

  • Allows access to Archive programs.

  • Required to Restore and Duplicate programs.

Manage Round Dates

  • Admin can set and update Round Settings > Open / Close Dates when managing a program.

View Applications

  • Allows access to Submission > Views when managing a program to view basic information on each submission.

Edit Applications

  • Requires "View Applications" permissions.

  • Allows access to view and edit submissions.

View Application Reports

Edit Application Reports

View Judge Assignments

  • Allows access to view Judging menu items excluding Bulk Assignments.

  • View basic information on judges and a list of their current assignments.

  • Search for and view judges.

Edit Judge Assignments

  • Requires "View Judge Assignments".

  • Allows access to create and remove judge assignments including Bulk Assignments.

View Judge Scores

Edit Judge Scores

View Judge Reports

Edit Judge Reports

View Winner Status

  • Allows access to view Tools > Winners Allocation and Winners Listing.

Edit Winner Status

View Sessions

  • Allows access to view sessions in Sessions > Manage Sessions if sessions are enabled on your program.

Edit Sessions

  • Requires "View Sessions".

  • Allows access to view, clone and delete sessions in Sessions > Sessions Configuration.

View Scheduler

  • Allows access to view the Scheduler in Sessions > Scheduler if the scheduler is enabled on your program.

Edit Schedule

  • Requires "View Scheduler".

  • Allows access to view, clone and delete items in Sessions > Scheduler Configuration.

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