Often when making last minute adjustments to the conference schedule sessions can be put into the wrong capacity rooms (e.g. Meeting instead of Webinar). Other times you may just not be sure all of the speakers are assigned correctly. The Full Schedule report can help you quickly identify and correct these issues.

To run a Full Schedule Report, first navigate to your program.

Under the Sessions (or Schedule) drop down menu, click Reports.

By default, we have various canned reports ready to go for you. To run the full schedule report, click one of the Export to options for the Export Full Schedule report.

After exporting you can quickly confirm high priority items are correct by checking:

  • Potential overlaps.

  • Times / time zones.

  • Meeting types

  • Capacities.

  • Host & panelist emails.

This report includes all of the information for your conference in one spot to help you identify and address areas of concern.

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