Use Networking and Chat to offer your presenters, panelists and attendees the opportunity to communicate during your conference.

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Accessing Networking and Chat

The Networking and Chat feature will be available as a navigation element on your OpenWater program’s website. Clicking on “Network and Chat” will open the chat feature in a new browser tab.

Depending on the look and feel of your website and your organization's requirements this link may look or be called something slightly different.

If you're not already logged in you'll be asked to sign in or create an account.

Once you're logged in you'll be directed to fill out your Chat Profile and agree to a customized Policy Agreement. More information on setting your Policy Agreement Statement can be found here.

Add your name and other identifying details. Make sure to choose whether you’d like to be shown in the Attendee Directory so other attendees can find you easily. You can easily upload a Profile photo, to make you easier for other attendees to recognize.

Click the Save button to make sure you save your changes and to allow you to continue. Once you have saved your profile details, you are ready to use the chat features.

Using Chat

Once you are in the main chat window, you’ll enter into the default chat room for your conference. Admins can customize this channel's name and topic by clicking Admin Panel in the bottom left menu.

On the left will be a list of all available chat rooms, followed by a box of helpful navigation tools for accessing the Attendee Directory, Chat Requests (people who would like to have a private chat with you), Group Chat Topics (a searchable directory of all chat rooms where you can also create your own Topic/Channel), and a Log Out function.

In the middle, will be the current chat and a scrollable chat history. On the right are details about the chat room, plus tools for more specialized features.

To chat, you’ll use the Chat bar across the bottom of the chat window:

You can type your message and hit “Enter” to send, or use the emoji button to open the emojis panel.

If you want to add files or images to share with other attendees, click on the “Attach files” button. This will open your device’s file upload dialog and allow you to locate a file or image to share.

Video Calling

In every chat, you will have the ability to invite all members or individual members to have a video call for further discussion.

This feature is available from the right side of the main window, underneath the icon and name of the chat room or attendee with whom you are speaking.

To start or join a call in your current channel, use the right-side options underneath the channel name.

To leave the chat permanently, you can use the Leave Group link.

The Members icon will provide a shortcut of all attendees and exhibitors currently members of this channel. This window provides the username, their user profile picture and is searchable.

Managing Chat

On the bottom left of the main window are some useful features for managing your Networking and Chat experience.

Admin Panel (admins only): add moderators to your channels, set your Policy Agreement, pull reports and manage your users.

Attendee Directory: a browsable and searchable method of locating attendees, presenters, and sponsors.

Pending Chat Requests: accept or decline chat requests from people interested in talking with you. You may also see your history of chats, and people you have chosen not to chat with.

Group Chat Topics: locate chatrooms you have joined; search for topics or exhibitors you’re interested in; and methods for leaving chats or acquiring chatroom links to share with other attendees.

Help & Feedback

Access help articles, review the Code of Conduct and Request Features using the links in the bottom right of the chat window.

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