When using the Networking and Chat feature you can appoint moderators to manage your chat channels.

Moderators can mute users (other users will not see their messages) and edit / delete messages.

If a user creates their own channel they will automatically be made a moderator of that channel. This means sponsors, panelists, presenters and others can create and moderate their own channels as needed.

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Managing Moderators

After opening Networking and Chat from your public website, click Admin Panel in the bottom left menu.

You'll be taken to the Group Channels page. Use the Actions dropdown and click Moderators on the channel you want to add or remove moderators from.

You'll be taken to a list of moderators for the channel you selected. Use the Add Moderator button and the Actions dropdown to add and remove moderators as needed.

Moderating Messages

Moderators can mute users and edit / delete messages by clicking the "..." that shows towards the right of every message.

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