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Gather Voices Embedded Videos
Gather Voices Embedded Videos
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Embed videos collected from Gather Voices into OpenWater for use in judging and evaluation by following a few steps.

Gather Voices is a video collection platform used by many associations and professional societies to source high quality videos straight from people's webcams or phones.

Your organization may already be using Gather Voices to collect videos for your upcoming conference or for a committee nomination packet.

These Steps are to be done by an Administrative User or Gather Voices and an Administrative User of OpenWater

Once those videos are collected in Gather Voices, you as the administrator can copy and paste the embed link into a URL field, and the embedded video will be made available for judging.

  1. Load up your GV-ONE Gather Voices instance and choose the share tab

  2. Choose a video

  3. At the right hand side you'll see a section for an Embed video. Copy the portion between the src tag in between the starting and ending quote, as shown in the screenshot below

  4. Load up the application in the admin section and ensure that your form is configured with a URL field. Simply paste the URL into this field and press the tab key to see the video appear.

  5. Remember to save the application

  6. The video will appear to judges without any further code needed

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