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Use AI to Generate a Program (BETA)
Use AI to Generate a Program (BETA)

Use the OpenWater Program generator built on "ChatGPT Plus Assistants"

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Notice of Beta Functionality

This is a beta feature and requires ChatGPT Plus, a third party paid add-on.

This feature may be discontinued in the future or moved to another AI provider (such as Microsoft Copilot or Google Gemini). The world of AI is evolving quickly and we wanted to provide a cool use case of AI.

This tool is not supported by OpenWater support staff at this time as we are unable to solve bugs with the AI.

How it Works

  • ChatGPT is trained on many aspects of the internet including Wikipedia, most websites, most newspapers. Because of that it happens to know a lot about awards programs, conference abstracts, scholarships and other application based workflows.

  • It also knows a lot about a lot of organizations

  • This assistant narrows the scope of it's knowledge to areas where we think it may help OpenWater customers and we specifically trained it on our CSV import format

  • The tool can help you with a good rough draft to bring into OpenWater, and then you should plan to finish the configuration with some human touch

Getting Started

  • Open the OpenWater Program Creator in ChatGPT Plus (third party license required)

  • Click on the starting prompt. This is essential to start ChatGPT off on the right context. If you skip this step it will act as a generic chatbot

  • Tell it about your program.
    Ideally you can tell it about your program in one message. The longer your conversation goes, the less reliable ChatGPT becomes.

    Here is an example:

I run an awards program for the American Society of Association Executives called The Gold Circle Awards.  

The Gold Circle Awards recognizes extraordinary marketing, membership, and communications efforts in 16 different categories including (Advocacy, Convention/Meetings Marketing, Media/Public Relations, Membership Recruitment, Member Retention, Volunteer Engagement) Marketing, membership, and communications play a vital role in associations—whether to connect with members, keep them informed of important issues, or raise awareness of programs and initiatives. Creativity and innovation in successful marketing, membership, and communications programs should be applauded and recognized and that’s precisely what the Gold Circle Awards are all about!

Can you create a realistic 2 round application where the first round collects information and goes through a quick screen of quality, and a finalist round. Make assumptions based on best practices.

See Example Output

This is what it came up with.

  • Here is a boiler plate you can try:

I run an {awards program | scholarship | proposal for conference abstracts} for my organization: {Name of Organization}.  [Add a sentence about your organization's mission if it is not well known.

The name of my program is: [name of program]

The goal of my program is for people to submit [describe what people are submitting].

For round 1 of evaluation [express what is important]

[Same with additional rounds]

With all of this information, can you create a realistic example. Make assumptions based on best practices.

  • Tell it to make the CSV
    You can ask it to make adjustments and once ready you can tell it to create the CSV file.

  • It will now Start Processing the CSV

  • Guide it if it gets stuck
    If the GPT doesn't start generating the CSV this prompt will help get it on track:

    Please go ahead and create the OpenWater CSV file

  • The end result should be a downloadable file.

  • Take the file it generated and import it using the Import Program from CSV steps

  • You may also want to consider Generating Sample Data for this imported program.

Notes on General Purpose AI

  • ChatGPT is known to "hallucinate", what this means is it does not provide the same output for every input, in fact it may not produce the correct CSV format but something close to what OpenWater expects. To minimize the chance of hallucinate provide clear instructions and keep the system focused on the mission of learning your program and generating a CSV file.

  • ChatGPT has limited memory per conversation, after about 5,000 words it starts to forget things and fill in the blanks with mental shortcuts. Much like a human cramming for an exam, ChatGPT will start to skip steps the longer a conversation goes on.

  • The AI will get better and fast. It is worth experimenting today, so you can be an expert on how to use AI when it is fully reliable.

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