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Getting Started

How to get support, configure basic system settings, and setup a new program in OpenWater

Setup your submission form

Choose your applicant settings, categories, and build your submission form

Accept payments for your submissions

Setup your credit card processor, build your submission fees, and manage invoices.

Setup your judging portal

Build your evaluation form or setup ranking. Blind fields from judges and customize the appearance of your judging layout.

Configure your public website

Edit your landing page content and custom pages. Setup multi-lingual. Learn about advanced theme options.

Manage your submissions and applicants

Manage and approve submissions as they come in. Impersonate applicants and send email blasts.

Manage judges and assign submissions for review

Add and remove judges, create judge teams, bulk assign submissions to judges, and send email blasts to judges,

View the results of judging

Mark submissions as winners, forward submissions to the next round. Send email blasts to winners and finalists.

Export data and download files

Export submission data and judging results to excel. Print submissions to PDF and download all submission files in bulk.

Build and Schedule Conference Sessions

Assemble submitted abstracts into conference sessions and place them onto a schedule

Integrations Hub

Canned integrations that can be customized without the need to write code.

API and Developer Documentation

Learn about single sign on, available integrations, and the OpenWater API.

Roll Up Competitions

Running competitions that have local chapters that roll up to regional and/or national level

Import data

Import applicant, reviewer and other types of information into your OpenWater programs.

Third Party Add-Ons