OpenWater provides every customer a dedicated support representative that they can get to know throughout the course of their program. 

The most effective way to resolve your question quickly is to have a chat with your support representative through our in-app messenger. Supported administrators have access to the chat at the bottom-right corner of their screen.

Don't feel like chatting?

Email your support representative at Your ticket will still be routed to your dedicated support representative.

Not a Supported Administrator?

OpenWater Support requires a primary point of contact, also known as the supported administrator. The supported administrator should be the individual who is primarily responsible for running and managing the program and is the one we focus on training. All communication between your organization and OpenWater comes through your supported administrator. You may have multiple supported administrators, and you can always purchase additional supported administrators at a later time.

OpenWater permits an unlimited number of unsupported administrators that have access to the platform but do not communicate with the dedicated support representative.

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