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Navigate the dashboard and access a program
Navigate the dashboard and access a program

Access the overview page to manage a program

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As of February 2019, we offer a new and enhanced dashboard. See details here.

Active Programs

The dashboard is the first page you see when you login. It provides a quick overview of which programs are active or complete, and how many submissions have come in so far. It also provides the most convenient way for accessing the program.

A program is considered active if a submission or judging deadline has not yet passed. Active programs are listed in the center of your screen.

If your program has multiple rounds, each round will be listed and labeled with a : after the program name.

Click manage to open a round's overview page. You may also click on the number listed under Incomplete, Pending Approval, and Complete submissions to view the list of submissions with that status.

Completed Programs

If your program's deadlines have all passed, the program will be listed as Complete at the bottom of your dashboard. If you click manage, you will be taken to the program's overview page.

You can access each individual round's overview page by clicking manage Workflow section.

Archived Programs

You may need to access an archived and program and can do so by clicking Programs on the left side navigation. Choose Archived from the drop down at the top of the screen.


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