Configure your organization information

Set your organization name, country, timezone, and default reply-to email address

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Populating your organization information will be one of the first tasks to configuring your OpenWater platform. There's a couple settings to get out of the way so let's detail them below.

Start by clicking System Settings and then Organization Information in the left side navigation.

Organization Name
This name will set the name of the top left corner of your dashboard as well as in the footer of automated emails sent from OpenWater.

Setting the country field is useful for Drop Down and Address Fields in OpenWater submission form that are populated with countries. Those country drop down fields will default to the option set here on this page.

All features in OpenWater that depend on the system time, such as deadlines, and storing when submissions are started and completed, will be displayed in this timezone.

Reply-To Name and Email Address
This option will set the default name and email address sent from the OpenWater platform so that if a recipient clicks 'Reply' in their inbox, replies will be sent to that name and email address. This can be overwritten on a program-specific basis.

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