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Add a new program

Start a brand new program from scratch or choose from a template

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If you are looking to add a new program to your OpenWater platform, you have two options. Start from scratch, or start from a pre-made template. We'll show you both.

Click Programs in the left side navigation and then click Add Program on the next screen.

If you would like to start from a completely empty program setup, click Start from Scratch. If you are interested in viewing one of the available templates, read their descriptions, and then click Select. Please note that a template is just a starting point to save you time, and the expectation is that you'll make the necessary modifications.

The next screen will ask you to provide a Program Name and a name of your first round. A good program name includes the year you are running your program, for example: 2018 OpenWater Awards of Excellence or the 2019 AwardsCon Call for Speakers.

If your program is only one round, you can leave First Round Name blank and it will be set to 'Main' by default.

Your new program should appear on your dashboard under active programs where you can begin configuring your settings.

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