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Duplicate or clone an existing program

Starting a new cycle or year for a previous program. Avoid having to create a program from scratch.

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If you are an OpenWater customer and are preparing another cycle for your existing program, the easiest way to get started is to duplicate your previous year's program. Once cloned, you can make edits to this new program, keeping your previous cycle's settings and data undisturbed.

You mind find it helpful to review this Renewing Program Checklist as a reference.

To get started, click Programs in the left side navigation and then click Settings on the following screen for the program you wish to duplicate.

Scroll to the bottom and click Duplicate this Program.

Choose a new name for your program, perhaps updating the year and then check the boxes for which settings to copy over.

If your program is using the judge signup form, you can choose to duplicate the Judge Program Profiles. You can do this if you want to bring over judges who have already signed up, and do not want the judges to sign up again for the new program.
If you want all your judges to have to sign up again using the judge sign up form, do not duplicate the Judge Program Profiles.
You also have the option to copy over submissions from the previous cycle as well. What is most commonly chosen is Duplicate Completed (Non-Winners) Submissions which will bring over any submission that is not marked as a winner in round 1 of the previous cycle.
You may want to use this if you give your applicants an opportunity to resubmit their same submission again the following year. All submissions will be placed in 'Incomplete' status for the applicants. You may instead check the Set Completed Submissions as Finalized box to set the copied submissions to 'Complete' status.

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