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Customize the system generated confirmation emails
Customize the system generated confirmation emails

Modify the default confirmation emails such as the invoice email and password reset emails

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OpenWater has a number of emails that are generated automatically from the system based on certain actions that take place. These emails can be enabled or disabled as well as overwritten entirely. Most customers leave these email settings as default, but if you wish to customize them, this is a good opportunity to do so.

For a detailed breakdown of each email, see this article:
โ€‹OpenWater System Generated Email Overview

Click System Settings in the left side navigation and then click System Emails.

You can choose to enable and disable certain emails by clicking Select on the email of choice. The most commonly modified email is the Invoice Created email.

To disable an email, click Do Not Send this E-Mail.

This is also an opportunity to override the From Email information, which, if left blank defaults to the Reply-To email address set in your organization information.

Personalize emails by clicking Insert Variable. Select from the available variables that will be automatically populated with that information when the email is sent to the recipient.

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