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Allow applicants to copy their submissions to multiple categories
Allow applicants to copy their submissions to multiple categories

Clone submissions to other categories, select multiple categories to submit to at once

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A very convenient feature available to your applicants is the notion of cloning submissions. This is useful if you find that your applicants will often submit the same submissions to multiple categories. Rather than having your applicant start a new submission and have to re-enter all the same details just to select a different category, you can save them time with just a few clicks.

To enable one of the cloning options we have available, first navigate to your program.

Under Program Settings drop down menu, click Applicant Settings.

Available Options


If you select Disabled, this will remove any submission cloning feature from the public website. If you do not use the categories feature, or if you do not find that your applicants will submit the same submission to more than one category, it is best to disable this feature.

Allow Users to Copy Submissions

The Allow Users to Copy Submissions option will enable the cloning feature. Additionally, you have the option to check the box Show checkbox to submit to another category and specify a message.

If this option is enabled, your entrants will be able to click Copy Application on the public website either on their shopping cart (if you accept fees), or on their completed submissions view.

This checkbox will automatically appear as the last question on the submission form to the applicant. If clicked, it will start a new submission after they save and finalize.

Allow Users to Select Multiple Categories to Submissions

The final option allows applicants to select multiple categories at the time of their submission. If selected, there is a follow up option to choose Checkbox list option or DropDown list option.

If checkbox list option is chosen, the submission form's category selection looks like so:

And if DropDown list option is selected, it appears like so:

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