The application field and category field

The submission form field that identifies the submission by name

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The Application and Category Fields are among the two most important fields on your Submission Form. But, what are both and how can you use each appropriately?

The Application Field

The “Title” default field is added to all forms when setting up a new program. It is recognizable by its grey background in the submission form builder. This field, known as the Application Field, can be changed to any number of labels, including:

  • Name of Nominee

  • Applicant Name

  • Project Title

  • Company Name

  • Entry Title

  • Give Your Entry a Name

  • Title of Your Paper

It’s vital that this field is given an important label because it will be often referenced throughout the administration and judging portals (if not anonymized), confirmation emails, and reports.

If your program focuses on nominating an individual, it is recommended to change the label of this field to Nominee Name and then uncheck the Display only one text field? option.

The application field appears in many places in OpenWater to identify submissions. Most notably, it appears in the list of assigned submissions to judges while they are reviewing.

You can anonymize the field by checking this box.

The Category Field

If you’ve included categories for your program, the Category Field will also appear on your submission form. 

This field will automatically populate with the list of categories (and possibly sub-categories) you added previously.

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