Submission Form Field: Checkboxes

Allow your entrants to check off multiple boxes on the submission form.

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You may need to ask your applicants a question that is of the nature check all that apply. The Checkboxes field is perfect for that.

To add a checkboxes question to your submission form, click the Checkboxes button on the left side panel of the form builder.

Available Field Settings

In addition to the common field settings, Checkboxes has a few other capabilities. You can add and remove values that can be checked by clicking the + and x buttons next to the field values.ย 

You can also insert many values all at once by clicking Bulk Add. Copy and paste your values -- one per line and then click Add Values.

Dependent Fields

We also support the concept of dependent field on checkboxes. For example, you may have a choice called Other in which they need to specify in a text box additional details like so:

To configure dependent field options, return to your list of available choices in Field Settings and click the link icon which will bring up an additional form builder. See the screenshot below.

Disable checkbox options

Disable one or more checkbox options by locking them. This is helpful if you want to only allow a certain number of applicants to select a value. Once you've reached your cap you can disable that item.

The option will be visible on your form, however applicants will not be able to select them:

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