Submission Form Field: Number

Ensure that applicants type in a valid numeric type into the form

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A Number field is helpful if you need to restrict the applicant to entering strictly a number instead of text. For example, asking the applicant for the age of the nominee or perhaps their batting average. A number field has some special properties that we can take advantage of.

To add a Number field to the submission form, click Number from the left side panel of the form builder.

Available Field Settings

Number fields have some extra validation and properties that we can explore. First, you can, optionally, specify a minimum and maximum values that the field will permit in the range section. 

You can choose the number of decimal places to show. By default, we permit 2 decimal places. If you want to restrict to integers, change this value to 0.

And finally, if it essential that numbers follow a format of your choice, you can do so in the format section. In this section, you can write, for example, 0.00 which would mean all numbers entered must look like '3.14'.

See the format feature in action.


You should not use a number field for asking an applicant's phone number. A single line text field would be best for that.

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