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Allow applicants to upload files to the submission form

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The File Upload field allows your applicants to submit files, sometimes very large files, along with their submission. The File Upload field has many different settings available, so let's walk you through the different options.

To add a File Upload field, click on File Upload button on the left side panel of the form builder.

Available Field Settings

Show Caption

The Show Caption is the first field setting we'll cover. You can check the box to Show Caption which will add a small text field under that File Upload field. You can label this text field. This is great for when you need to ask the applicant to provide a caption or short description of the file upload, or perhaps type in the name of the file.

Permitted Extensions

If you leave the Permitted Extensions field setting blank, it will allow the applicant to upload any file type to this field. Most customers will type in some kind of limitation. For example, if you want to restrict the applicant to upload an image you should type: 

jpg, jpeg, png, gif

Or if you want to limit to documents, you can type in:

pdf, doc, docx


You can optionally show previews for files uploaded. 

  • Audio previews are for .mp3 files only

  • Document Previews are generated and supported by Google's Document Previewer. This is useful for Word Files, PDF files, and PowerPoint files. Documents larger than 25 megabytes may not render in Google's Document Previewer. 

  • For video previews, we support popular web, consumer and professional media formats. Examples include 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, MP4 and MPEG-2. We do not support reading Apple ProRes files or raw camera formats like ARRI and RED at this time.

Max File Size

If you make this Max Size field setting blank, the maximum file size the applicant can upload to this single file upload field will default to your system's maximum. By default, all customers are set to 2 gigabytes per file. This is typically sufficient for almost all customers. For those that accept feature film-length movie uploads, we can up your limit per special request.


One file upload field = one file. Unfortunately you cannot upload multiple files to a single file upload field at this time.

See the file upload field in action

Bonus Feature!

Your applicants can upload files straight from their DropBox account by clicking on the DropBox option to the left of the File Upload dialogue.

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