Customize the applicant PDF layout

Include images in pdfs, combine multiple pdfs into a single pdf, and create shipping labels / packing slips

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Printing an application to PDF is an essential feature of any form submission software. For most of our customers, the default output is sufficient. If not, we offer a number of additional enhancements you can take advantage of.

Printing to PDF

Applicants can print to PDF by going to their submissions on the left side navigation and clicking Print on the application of their choice.

The Default Output

This is a sample of our default output. It's fairly basic, but gets the job done.

Include Images and Combine PDFs

Our PDF engine does not include images or combine the uploaded PDFs with the PDF of the submission by default. If you would like to enable these options, first navigate to your program.

Under the Program Settings drop down menu, click Applicant Settings.

Check desired boxes under PDF Layout Settings to include thumbnail images or merge uploaded PDFs into one PDF.

There are known limitations with merging uploaded PDFs. Please review those here.

Completely Customize the Output

If our default layout is not sufficient at all, you have the ability to completely customize the PDF layout via HTML. This is a great way to create a shipping label or packing slip. Tell your applicants to print it out and include it with the physical submission they are mailing in.

Return to Applicant Settings and this time click Set Custom PDF Output for Applicants. Then click Insert Variable above the HTML Editor to pick and choose which fields from the form should appear on the PDF layout. You can design this layout completely via HTML.

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