Limit a Backend Admin User to a Specific Program

Also known as setting up a Program Manager

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You may want to make someone a Program Manager of a specific program in the scenario where the admin has restrictive privileges and is only allowed to manage that specific program.
There are two steps involved in limiting an admin's access to only specific programs and make them a Program Manager.

Step 1: Change the Permissions for the Admin

First, you must adjust the permissions settings for that user. Navigate to SYSTEM SETTINGS on the left menu, and click Permissions. Then, locate the admin and click Select next to their name.

Uncheck Manage System, and ensure that Manage Certain Programs is checked.

Default Per Program Permissions will apply to any program you assign this admin to as a manager.

​Click here to see a breakdown of all permissions.


Step 2: Add Admin as Manager to the Specific Program

The second step is to designate them as a Manager in the specific program(s) you wish them to have access to. To do this, navigate to your program.

Under the Program Settings drop down menu, click Managers.

If the admin account is not already listed, click Assign and then Select on the admin you want to add as a program manager.

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