By default, and also our recommended approach is to use our standard evaluation scorecard where the submissions is displayed to the judge on the left side of the screen and they answer the questions on the right side of the screen.

However, that may not be as desirable for your program if you ask your judges to score each applicant question individually. This is also known as In-line Scoring. See below for an example of how this would be used.

Configure In-line Scoring

To configure in-line scoring for questions, first load up your OpenWater form builder.

Click on the question that you want to add in-line scoring to. Then check the box Is this field scored?

Configure the scoring options as you normally would and click Save.

Limitations of this feature

This feature has a strong limitation in the sense that it can only be used for the first round of your program. For those with one round programs, this is a non-issue, but if you do have multiple rounds, please note that in subsequent judging rounds, you will have to setup these questions as part of the evaluation scorecard.

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