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Setup your judging portal
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Customize the appearance and evaluation layout of the judging portal
Customize the appearance and evaluation layout of the judging portal

Add thumbnails, descriptions and adjust what the judges experience

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Most customers leave our default Evaluation Layout as-is, but there is some flexibility in how you can configure what the judging portal looks like in appearance. For example, you may want to add thumbnail images that were uploaded by the applicant as part of the list view, or show short descriptions under the submission titles. You can also customize the sorting options. We'll walk through these settings below.

To get started customizing your Evaluation Layout, first navigate to your program.

Under the Round Settings drop down menu, click Evaluation Layout.

List Page Settings


Commonly requested is to have a thumbnail image appear next to the submission. You can choose one file upload field to serve as the thumbnail by clicking Use Thumbnail and then choose the file upload field.

It is important to convey to your applicants that one particular file upload field is the Thumbnail that judges will see, and limit that field to only image types (png, jpg, jpeg, and gif). Additionally, if you are using category groups, you should ensure that one file upload field is available for all categories that need a thumbnail image.

You can place any instructions you would like, or additional content in this Header section that will be displayed above the list of submissions to the judges.


Use Insert Variable to choose content that will appear underneath the title of each submission title.

Add content that the judges can see in the bottom right sidebar.

Default View Mode

If you change the default view mode to Grid, the view will look like this to the judges:

Applications Count Per Page

By default, we show 30 submissions per page, but you can increase that.

Filtering / Sorting Options

We have a myriad of filtering and sorting options available. On the public view, you may see ASC and DESC options in the sort drop down box. This means to sort by ascending order or descending order respectively.

Show Numeric Score

If checked, it will show the total score the judge gave that submission, otherwise it will say Complete.

Detail Page Settings

Tab over to Detail Page Settings to configure how the submission appears after a judge clicks on it to review.

By choosing all of the images on your submission form in the Choose Media to Display area, it will create a mini-slideshow at the top of the screen.

If you want the images to appear both above and below, uncheck this box:

Advanced Custom View

If you want to completely customize your judging view, you can build it with HTML by clicking Render from Wysiwyg and clicking Insert Variable to select fields to show the judges.

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