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Enable legacy judging portal for condensed table of submissions
Enable legacy judging portal for condensed table of submissions

Don't need a fancy judging portal, enable our legacy mode.

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By default, our Gallery Judging view is enabled and highly configurable. If you use the Evaluation Layout feature, you can really make it pop so it looks something like this:

It's too much!

But what if the above is actually too fancy. You don't care about thumbnails and slick filtering or any of the bells and whistles offered by it. You want it condensed and small. We kept our older view alive for this very reason. Some customers still prefer it. This is what our legacy view looks like.

Viewing a submission looks like this:

And instead of having a side-by-side judging where the application is on the left and the scorecard is on the right, here the scorecard is on the last page by itself.

Enable Legacy Judging View

To enable the Legacy Judging View, first navigate to your program.

Under the Program Settings drop down menu, click Judge Settings.

Uncheck Use Gallery Judging Mode.

Limitations of legacy view

If your program makes use of Ranking Mode for judging at all, then you will not be able to use this legacy view.

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