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Allow judges to save drafts of their evaluations.
Allow judges to save drafts of their evaluations.

Allow judges to save their progress, or finalize draft scores for abandoned judges

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For most programs, the criteria that a judge has to complete after reviewing a submission is no more than six or seven questions. However, your program might have extensive judging questionnaires. So much so that a judge cannot complete a review of a submission in a single sitting.

That's okay. You can allow them to save draft scores.

Enable Draft Scores

To enable the saving of draft scores, first navigate to your program.

Under the Program Settings drop down menu, click Judge Settings.

Check the box for Allow Draft Scores.

Judges will see this new button on their view while scoring submissions.

Finalize All Draft Scores

There may be a scenario where evaluation scorecards all have scores, but are saved in draft mode. Perhaps your judge saved them all as drafts and then planned to go back and submit them for good but forgot to. Or maybe you made some modifications to your evaluation scorecard after judging already started so that shifted everything to draft mode. You can finalize all these draft scorecards at once by first navigating to your program.

Under the Judging drop down menu, click View / Add Judges.

Click Finalize All Draft Scores.

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