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View the list of submissions and view a submission as an admin
View the list of submissions and view a submission as an admin

Search on submissions, reorder and choose which columns appear on the list view

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The most common action you will perform while your program is in its submission period is viewing and accessing the submissions that have come in. Since you will be viewing the list of received submissions, it is important to choose which columns appear that are most applicable to you and your program.

View List and Access a Submission

To view your applicant's submissions, first navigate to your program.

Under the Submissions drop down menu, click the option of viewing submissions that you prefer.

The list of submissions will appear.

To open a submission, click Select on the submission in the right most column. You will then be viewing the submission as an administrator.

Show / Hide Columns

Given how frequently you will be on this screen, check to ensure which columns are most applicable to you since you can only fit so many columns on this screen. Click Show / Hide Columns.

You can also rearrange the order of columns clicking and dragging.


Easily search on submissions in this table by typing into the search bar on the top right corner.

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