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Impersonate an applicant

Login as an applicant to see exactly what they see

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If you need to assist an applicant, sometimes it is just easiest to Impersonate them so that you can login as them and see exactly what they see.

To impersonate an applicant, there are two approaches. The first is if you already have their submission open on the admin view. The other is through searching for the applicant from the left side navigation.

From their Submission in Admin View

If you found and already have their submission open as an admin, while you are there, you can simply tab over to General and then click Impersonate.

Search for Applicant

Approach number two is to simply search for them through the left side navigation's Applicant Search. Click Applicants and then Search on the left side navigation.

Search for an applicant by typing into the search fields or leave them blank to show all applicants.

Click Select on the applicant you want to manage.

Tab over to Tools and select Impersonate.

Get Back to Admin

Once you are impersonating an applicant, you are technically not in Admin Mode anymore. You can log back in as an admin at any time by clicking on the banner at the top.

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