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Edit an existing submission as an admin

Edit submission, change a submission's category

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You may need to edit a submission as an admin if you need to fix data on behalf of the applicant or if you are making use of admin only fields.

To edit an existing submission as an admin, first view the list of submissions and select the one you want to edit.

The first page you will see is the Questions page. This view is the submission form, but from the administrator perspective. You can tab between the pages just like an applicant would.

Feel free to make any modifications to the form as you would like. As an administrator, you have full power and control over the submissions.

Change a Submission's Category

One common action you might take is changing a submission's category. If you are not using Category Groups, this is a safe action. However, if you are using category groups and you should pause and check before completing this action. If you ask different questions to the applicants or to the judges depending on the category, and the new category is in a different category group, it may remove questions from the submission or evaluation criteria and add new ones that have not been answered.

For example if you change a submission from a fictional Car category to a Truck category, the Truck category may have asked specific questions to the applicant that were never originally answered. In these cases, you can re-open the application to the applicant or fill in the answers on their behalf. In the case of different judging questions, you would have to ask the judges to return to the application and re-score.

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