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Manually approve pending submissions as an administrator
Manually approve pending submissions as an administrator

Use pending approval to mark a submission as eligible for judging

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As an administrator you may want to manually review submissions before they become eligible for judging. This is also known as our Pending Approval feature. Some good use-cases for this include:

  • Ensuring that the submission has at least some modicum of quality

  • The applicant followed the rules

  • Applicant is eligible

  • Receiving physical items in the mail

  • Applicant paid / mailed in a check

Turn On Pending Approval

To turn on Pending Approval, first navigate to your program.

Under the Round Settings drop down menu, click Advanced.

Select Require all Submissions to be approved by an admin staff member before sending to Judges and click Save.

Mark Submission as Approved

There are two ways to mark submissions as approved. One at a time while viewing the submission or in bulk. Both approaches require that you View Pending Review submissions.

One a time

Select the submission you want to review.

Tab over to Status: Pending Approval and change the status to Complete and click Save.

Approve in Bulk

On the list view, select which submissions you want to approve by clicking the checkboxes and then click the Bulk Actions button. Click Mark as Approved and then OK.

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