Disapproving submissions is typically used in conjunction with our pending approval feature. If you need to prevent a submission from being judged or simply remove it from the judging entirely, you can mark the submission as disapproved.

There are two approaches to marking a submission as disapproved. The first is one at a time while viewing the submission and the other is in bulk. Both approaches require that you first view the list of your pending review or completed submissions.

One at a time

Select the submission that you want to disapprove.

Tab over to Status and change the status to Disapproved. Enter an optional Disapprove Reason. You can save the submission at this point, or you can save it and choose to email the applicant that their submission was disapproved.

Disapprove in Bulk

On the submissions list view, check the boxes on the submissions you want to disapprove and then click Bulk Actions and select Mark as Disapproved.

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