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Re-open submissions for an applicant to edit after they have submitted
Re-open submissions for an applicant to edit after they have submitted

Allow applicants to edit their own submissions after they have submitted

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Depending on your program, you may need to allow applicants to go in and edit their submissions after they have already submitted them. By default OpenWater does not allow applicants to edit their submissions, but you can change this.

There are three approaches to allowing applicants to edit their completed submissions.

Three Approaches

One at a time

To open a specific submission up for editing by the applicant, you first have to view the list of pending or completed submissions.

Select the submission you want to allow the applicant to edit.

Tab over to General and then check the box for Allow Applicant to Enter More Data. Provide an optional reason and click Save.

Re-opening a submission the applicant an email with a link to update their submission. As an administrator, you will receive an email when the applicant has finished updating their submission.

You can also set an optional time and date for the applicants to enter more data. Once you have enabled the “Allow Applicant to Enter more Data” checkbox, the date and time field will appear.

Re-Open in Bulk

You can also open / close multiple submissions at once for editing by viewing the list of submissions and checking the boxes on the submissions you want to re-open. Click Bulk Actions and then Allow Applicant to Enter More Data.

Always Allow Applicant to Edit Submission

The two above approaches demonstrate how to re-open submissions on a case-by-case basis. However, you may prefer to just blanket-allow all applicants to be able to edit submissions at all times. You can turn this on by first navigating to your program.

Under the Round Settings drop down menu, click Advanced.

Check the box for  Allow Submissions in Complete Status to be Re-Opened for Editing by Applicant and click Save.

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