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Delete submissions or restore deleted submissions
Delete submissions or restore deleted submissions

Remove submissions or recover them in case they were deleted by accident

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Typically when you delete submissions entirely, it is test data prior to going live with your program. Otherwise, we do not recommend deleting real submissions, but rather disapprove them instead. You can also recover a deleted submission just in case it was removed by accident or in error.

You can delete submissions one at a time, or in bulk. First, view the list of your submissions.

Delete in Bulk

Check the boxes on the submissions you want to delete and click Bulk Actions. Mark Delete all checked items and click OK.

Delete one at a time

Click Select on the submission you want to delete.

Tab over to General and then click Delete.

Restore Deleted Submissions

If you need to restore some submissions that have been deleted in error, first navigate to your program.

Under the Program Settings drop down menu, click View Deleted Applications.

Click Restore on the submissions you want to undelete.

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