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Configure OpenWater to accept credit card payments
Configure OpenWater to accept credit card payments

Integrate your credit card processor such as Paypal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net

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In order to take credit card payments through OpenWater, you first need to work with a payment gateway that OpenWater supports. OpenWater works with a number of gateways such as:

  • Authorize.NET

  • BluePay

  • Braintree

  • Chase paymentech

  • Cybersource

  • Elavon

  • EWay

  • FirstData Global Gateway

  • Forte Payments Gateway

  • Innovate Payments

  • Moolah

  • Optimal

  • Pay Flow Pro

  • PayPal

  • Plug N Play

  • RealEx Payments

  • Sage Payments

  • Secure Trading

  • Swoosh ePay

  • TouchNet uPay

  • USA ePay

  • Vantiv

  • WorldPay

Authorize.NET, Paypal / Pay Flow Pro, Braintree, and Stripe are currently the best payment gateways that our customers are most satisfied with.

Configure the Gateway

To setup your credit card payments, first click System Settings in the left side navigation and then click Payment Configuration.

Click Select on the payment gateway you wish to manage. We provide a default configuration that you can modify, or you can add a new one and have multiple configurations - one for each program that you run if you want to.

Choose your currency.


If you want to offer PayPal as a checkout option, click Allow payment by paypal express checkout.

You need to provide your PayPal API Username, API Password, and API Signature into the required fields provided. Reference Coding or Payment Coding is a field where you can specify a tag for these payments so that you know where these payments are coming from when looking at your Paypal payments. Most people just write 'OpenWater' in this field.

All Other Credit Card Processors

Click Allow payment by credit card and check the boxes for which credit card logos you want to display to the applicant. Choose your merchant and complete the fields required. You may need to contact the customer service department at your payment gateway of choice in order to acquire the API credentials needed.

Reference Coding / Payment Coding

For many gateways, you will find a Payment Coding or Reference Coding field available. This allows you to include a label with your payments sent to your payment processor so that you know these payments came from OpenWater. Most customers just put "OpenWater" or "OW-". This will help you reconcile payments with submissions at a later date.

Test Your Gateway

After you save your gateway credentials, click Save and Test. On the following screen you can type in an amount to send as a test payment. Most gateways you will allow you to do a penny transaction, but for some you will have to increase it.

Complete your credit card details and click Process. If the system is misconfigured, you will receive an error message. Otherwise, it will tell you that the transaction was successful. You can login to your payment gateway to confirm the successful payment.

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