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Mark an invoice as paid

Mark an unpaid invoice as paid

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If you have unpaid invoices, or accept checks and bank transfers, you may be receiving payments outside of OpenWater. It is important to keep track in OpenWater who has paid and who hasn't. If you receive a check in the mail or a payment via another method, you should mark the applicant's invoice as paid.

To mark an invoice as paid, first navigate to your program.

Under the Finance drop down menu, click Invoices.

Search for the invoice, by entering information in any of the search fields, or leave all the fields blank to show all invoices within the Start and End Date.

Click Select on the invoice you want to manage.

Tab over to Accounting and then click Process Payment.

Enter the amount the individual paid. If you enter any amount less than the Balance Due, the invoice will remain unpaid. Choose your option and click Process.


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