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Process a refund

Refund through OpenWater for supported gateways, or manually mark a payment as refunded

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OpenWater supports refunds directly through the platform for the following payment processors:

  • Authorize.NET

  • Braintree

  • Pay Flow Pro

  • Stripe

For all other gateways, you will have to void or refund the applicant through logging into your payment processor's website and then marking the invoice as refunded manually here in OpenWater to keep the records up to date.

To process a refund, first navigate to your program.

Under the Finance drop down menu, click Invoices.

Search for the invoice, by entering information in any of the search fields, or leave all the fields blank to show all invoices within the Start and End Date.

Click Select on the invoice you want to manage.

Tab over to Accounting and then click Process Refund.

Enter the amount that should be refunded back to the applicant. If you are not using one of the supported gateways listed above, you have to use Only Mark System, I will manually Process Refund

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