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Reconcile payments in OpenWater with your credit card processor
Reconcile payments in OpenWater with your credit card processor

Match payments in your credit card processor with invoices in OpenWater

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A common action taken by the finance team of your organization would be to reconcile payments that came through their payment gateway with the invoices in OpenWater. 

OpenWater sends a label with each payment to your payment gateway that tells you that the payment came from OpenWater. This label can be configured and is called a Reference Coding or Payment Coding. Most customers put "OpenWater-" or "OW-". In your list of payments, you will find this label along with an ID number, like OW-2194.

You can use this ID number to link it with an invoice in OpenWater.

To reconcile payments, first navigate to your program.

Under the Finance drop down menu, click Download Data.

Click Export to Excel on the Payments Reconciliation Report.

In the resulting excel document, you will find the Payment Reference Number column. Match the ID in this column with the ID number passed to your payment in your processor to link the two.

As you scroll to the right, more columns will appear which will provide you with all the information that you need.

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