Create a buy one, get one free coupon

Learn how to create any derivative of a buy one, get one free style pricing

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There is a whole class of pricing that fit the mold of a 'buy one, get one free' style. We support many derivatives of this type of pricing. Buy one, get the next one half off, or Buy five, get one free, or the first one is free, but the rest are paid, etc, etc. In this article we will demonstrate how to set up a buy one, get one free coupon, but the principles learned here apply to any and all derivatives.

To setup an advanced coupon, first navigate to your program.

Under the Round Settings drop down menu, click Coupons.

Click Select on the Rules to Apply to Cart when No Coupon Code is Entered. This is the default coupon that will automatically apply.

Tab over to Price Rules.

We are going to add a rule under Individual Items.

Name the rule "Buy One, Get One Free" and choose Discount by % and type in 100.

Add a Condition under the [all] section.

Set your conditions as the following.

The above condition states the price rule should be applied on every 2nd item. This will achieve the desired 'Buy One, Get One Free' result. If you preferred to have one free item for every five paid submissions, you would put a 6 in the above box instead of a 2.

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