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Create a coupon code for an applicant

Allow an entrant to type in a discount code or coupon code to get free submissions

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You may need to provide a select few applicants some coupon codes to type in during the check out process. Some examples include "One free submission" or "All submissions free" or "Buy one, get second half off", etc, etc. In the example below, we will demonstrate how to create a coupon code that provides the first submission free to the applicant.

To create a coupon code, first navigate to your program.

Under the Round Settings drop down menu, click Coupons.

Click Add Coupon.

Give the coupon code a name and then type in a coupon code that the applicant will type in to apply the coupon. Select Yes to enable the coupon and then enter the number of allowed times the coupon can be used in total as well as the maximum number of times a single applicant can use the coupon.

Click Add Price Rule under Set Rules for Individual Items.

Type in a name for the price rule and choose Discount By % and enter 100 for the amount.

Click Add Condition under the [all] section to specify when this price rule should hit.

Enter the following options.

The above condition states that discounting the submission by 100% should only apply to the Overall Item Number = 1 (aka the applicant's first submission). Click Save.

The Applicant Perspective

From the applicant perspective, if a coupon code is enabled, they will see the box available beneath their shopping cart like so:

They can type in the code and click Apply.

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