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Add a new judge and assign them to a round

Add judges to your program

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Judges in OpenWater need to be added to your program and assigned submissions in order to participate. Furthermore, if your program has multiple rounds of judging, each round needs to have judges added separately. We often find that there are different committees or different sets of judges per round. This article will demonstrate how to simply add judges to your rounds with two different approaches.

Note: Just because you add a judge to a program does not mean they immediately have access to submissions to review. The judges also need to be assigned submissions.

First Approach

Under the left side navigation, click Judges and then Add Judge.

Type in their first and last name and email address and then check off which programs and which rounds they will be participating in.

This is a convenient approach if you know the same judges will be participating in multiple rounds.

Second Approach

The second approach is through the program itself. To add a judge, first navigate to your program.

Under the Judging drop down menu, click View / Add Judges.

Click Add Judge.

If your judge participated in OpenWater in a previous program, they will show up in the list below and you can simply click Assign to conveniently add them. Otherwise click Add New Judge.

Type in their first and last name and email address and click Save.

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