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Create a lead judge or committee chair who manages other judges on their team
Create a lead judge or committee chair who manages other judges on their team

Designate some individuals who can manage a team of judges

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OpenWater allows you to designate some individuals as a lead judge or committee chair. The permissions of this lead judge can be the following:

  • View the progress of their team members / how far along each judge is in reviewing their assignments

  • View / export the scores, results, and comments of their team

  • Assign winner status to submissions / forward submissions to next round

  • Remove an assigned submission from a judge (recuse a judge from a submission)

You can choose which permissions the lead judge has among the above listed, or give them all of those permissions. In this help article we will show you how to designate an individual as a lead judge as well as what the lead judge manager portal looks like to the end user.

A prerequisite to setting up lead judges is that you have created your judge teams.

Click Manage on the team you want to add a lead judge to.

Tab over to Judge Team Managers and click Add Judge Manager.

Click Assign on the individuals whom you want to make a lead judge.

Check off the permissions you want to give this lead judge and click Save.


A lead judge must be also be a member of the team they are managing and be assigned at least one submission as a judge.

View as the end user

View judge progress / export full data

Lead judges will have a new link accessible in their menu on the public portal Judge Team Manager Panel.

Click Manage Judges to see the progress of the judges on their team.

Lead judge can export summary results as well as all scores and comments from judges by clicking Export Scores.

Quick results view / set winner status

To get a quick view of the results on screen and to set winner and forward status, click Scores / Results from the previous screen.

Click on Judging Results on the category to view.

View the results and set winner / forwarding status as needed.

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