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Manually assign submissions to judges

Choose which submissions to assign to a specific judge

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Most likely you will make use of our bulk assignment tool to assign submissions to judges all at once. But there will be cases where you may need to assign, unassign, or reassign certain submissions by hand. Perhaps you feel a judge has a conflict of interest with a certain nominee or maybe you just want to move some assignments around.

To manually assign and unassign submissions to judges, first navigate to your program.

Under the Judging drop down menu, click View / Add Judges.

If you want to assign / unassign submissions to and from a judge, click on the number in the # Unassigned column.ย 

Check the boxes of the submission you want to assign / unassign and click Assign Checked or Remove respectively.

You can also reassign incompletes, by clicking Reassign Incompletes. This is useful if a judge has abandoned their assignments or does not have enough time to complete their remaining assignments and you want another judge to take over.

Alternative Approach

Sometimes you want to see the submission first and then pick judges from there. The easiest way to accomplish that is to go through Status by Submission under the Judging drop down menu. From there you can pick and choose which judges are assigned via the columns on the right.

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