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Assign submissions to judges in bulk using the bulk assignment tool
Assign submissions to judges in bulk using the bulk assignment tool

Assign many submissions to judges all at once with a few clicks.

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If you have many submissions and judges, assigning submissions manually would become very tedious. Fortunately, we have a tool that allows you to assign your submissions to judges all in one shot based on the rules and requirements you specify. At a high level, here are the different options we support:

  • Assign all submissions to all judges

  • Ensure each submission is reviewed by a # of judges

  • Ensure each submission is reviewed by a # of judge teams

  • Ensure each judge reviews a # of submissions

  • Assign submissions to a certain judge

  • Assign submissions to a certain judge team

The bulk assignment tool is robust with quite a few options. This help article will split up between a quick start and a deep dive into this feature.

To get started with bulk assign, first navigate to your program.

Under the Judging drop down menu, click Bulk Assignment.

Quick Start

For those that know what they're doing or just need to do a quick bulk assign action, click Make One Time Assignment.

Choose the option that best suites your requirements and click Preview.

The next screen will show you which submissions are being assigned to which judges. Verify that this looks right to you. If so, click Assign to complete the bulk assignment process.

Deep Dive

For those with more advanced bulk assignment needs, you will want to go through the remainder of this article.

Creating assignment rules ahead of time

We recommend creating your bulk assignment rules in advanced of your judging. You can create multiple bulk assignment rules that can be applied together. For example, if you have five judge teams, where each team is responsible for judging one category, you should create five bulk assignment rules. Then when you are ready to assign, you apply all five rules at once.

To create an assignment rule, click Add Assignment Rule.

Give the rule a descriptive name. In our example we will want to assign the car category submissions to the Car Team and the truck categories to the Truck Team.

On the next screen we will select Assign submissions to a certain judge team.

Then select Filter by Categories.

Select which categories that should be assigned as well as which team this rule is for. Click Save.

When you are ready to assign, check off all the rules you want to apply and click Apply Selected Rules Now.

This will show you a preview of which submissions will be assigned to which judges. If it looks correct, click Assign to complete the bulk assign process.

Filter by Conditions

You may find that assigning based on category is not sufficient to your needs. What if you have a judge who is responsible for scoring all submissions where the applicant selected "Blue" for their favorite color and the applicant's age is over 35? This is an oddly specific example, but let's run with it. Here are our two questions on the submission form.

We will add another assignment rule and label it "The Over 35 and Blue Specialist Judge"

We choose the following options and then click Select on the conditions section.

Using the OpenWater condition builder, we set our conditions in the [all] section as the following:

And finally we select which of judges will be responsible for reviewing these submissions and click Save.

Hopefully this article has demonstrated how powerful and capable the bulk assignment tool can be.

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