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Email your judges to activate their accounts and begin review
Email your judges to activate their accounts and begin review

Let your judges know they can login and review submissions

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By default, the system will not email your judges when you add judges to your program. Typically you will want to add all of your judges first, assign submissions for them to review and then email them to begin.

To email your judges to activate their accounts and begin review, there are two approaches. One-off emails to individual judges, or through an email blast.

One-off email to individual judge

To send a one-off email to a judge to activate their account, start by clicking Judges on the left side navigation and then All Judges.

Search for the judge in the list whom you want to email and click Select.

Tab over to Tools and then click Send Email.

If you want to configure the email template that the judge will receive, click Configure Email Template before sending.

Send an Email Blast

To send an email blast all at once, first navigate to your program.

Under the Tools drop down menu, click Email Wizard.

Click Edit on Judges who have never logged in. This email blast will send to judges who have never activated their accounts before on OpenWater. You can change this to All Judges if you prefer on the following screen.

If you want to send this blast to all judges you can change the Filter Type to All Judges. This might be useful if you have had judges login prior on other programs but they may have forgotten their passwords.

Tab over to Email Template to customize the language of the email.

Most important is to keep the {LoginOrActivationDirections} variable in the language of the email as this will be populated with a link to activate their account or instructions to login if their account is already activated. Click Save and Preview.

Look at a preview for how this email will appear to one of your recipients. You can also click Email Me Preview to receive a copy to your inbox, click Send Now to send out the email right away, or Schedule to have it sent out at a particular date and time.

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