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Send an email blast to your judges

Remind judges they have incomplete reviews or thank them for participating

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You may want to send or schedule email blasts to judges for various purposes. Some of these reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Invite them to begin reviewing submissions

  • Remind them that a review deadline is coming up

  • Thank them for participating

To send an email blast to judges, first navigate to your program.

Under the Tools drop down menu, click Email Wizard.

Click Create New Email Blast.

In our example, we will send a Review Deadline is Coming Up reminder email and select One Email Per Judge.

We will select Judges who have not judged all assigned applications as the Filter Type and click Save.

Tab over to Email Template to set the content for this email blast.

Click Insert Variable to personalize the message. The {LoginOrActivationDirections} variable is incredibly useful in reminding the judge on how to login and activate their account. When ready, click Save and Preview.

Look at a preview for how this email will appear to one of your recipients. You can also click Email Me Preview to receive a copy to your inbox, click Send Now to send out the email right away, or Schedule to have it sent out at a particular date and time.

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