Allow judges to print submissions to PDF

Let judges export a submission or all submissions to pdf

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Some judges really enjoy printing out submissions to hard copy and reading them offline.

To allow judges to print off submissions to PDF, first navigate to your program.

Under the Program Settings drop down menu, click Judge Settings.

Check the box for Allow Judges to export Submissions as PDFs and click Save.

You may want to check the boxes under PDF Layout Settings as well that would show any uploaded image as thumbnails in the PDF as well as merge other uploaded PDFs from the applicant with the PDF of the submission. The limitation here is that it can only merge PDFs together, not other kinds of files. If that is important to you, ensure that your applicants upload pdf files on your File Upload Fields.

The End User Perspective

The judge can download all the submissions together as one large PDF if they click Download all to PDF on the right side of their list view. One limitation here is that this is limited to 100 submissions. If the judge tries to print more than 100 submissions to PDF at one time, the feature will be disabled to prevent over usage of our PDF engine.

To download an individual PDF, the judge can open the submission and click Download as PDF.

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