Running reports on submission data is one of the most common actions that program administrators perform. OpenWater provides some canned reports, but you can create your own custom reports as well.

To run a submission report, first navigate to your program.

Under the Submissions drop down menu, click Reports.

Run a Canned Report

By default, we have some canned reports ready to go for you. Most common is the Completed Submissions report. To run this report, click Select.

Click View List to view a quick list of the submissions in this report. To Export to Excel, click Excel.

If you have many submissions, the report may take some time to run.

Choose Columns to Export

The report will typically export all data from the submission form, user profiles, results, and other system data. If you only want to export certain columns / data to the excel file, click Advanced tab. Check the desired boxes and click Manage to choose which fields will be exported and click Save.

Create a Custom Report

You can create your own custom reports at any time by clicking Add Report.

Give your report a name. In our example, we will create a report that only outputs completed submissions in a car category.

We set our conditions so that Submission Status is Complete and Application Name contains "cat".

You can create any report you like by mixing and matching conditions in the [all] and [any] section. Learn more about the OpenWater condition builder which is used throughout the system.

Specify Sort Order

Much like the conditions builder you can also choose how the data should be sorted.  You can add as many levels of sorting that are needed.  OpenWater will sort in order of your selections.

You can specify Ascending (A-Z) or Descending (Z-A) sort order and drag and drop the levels within the configuration table.

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